8 ways to use lavender oil

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Smelling good things makes you feel better.

It’s true. Like music, smell is a universal language and its power can be a doorway into feeling good. All we have to do is walk through it.

I know how I feel when I close my eyes and smell the woody sweetness of lavender blossoms. There is something so clean and wholesome and of-the-earth about this particular smell… all the sun and life and goodness of the field goes straight into my brain and my heart.

Feelings of well-being flow. The mindset of vigilance eases off. Lavender makes us feel uplifted, balanced and calmed. And right now, everywhere I look, it’s blooming in the spring sunshine. Snap off a single flower, or even some of the gray-green foliage, and breathe it in.

Or, get your hands on some pure, essential oil (here) and enjoy it in any of the following ways.  Any one of them will help you have a calm heart.

1.       Shake a few drops into a tissue and tuck it in your sleeve

2.       Keep in your daypack or near the stove for scrapes or minor burns… the soothing benefits are physical as well as emotional

3.       Put five drops on the floor of your shower before you step in, turn on the hot water and step into lavender heaven

4.       Swirl a sprinkling into your bathwater

5.       Lose the dryer sheets (super bad for you) and put a few drops on a sock instead

6.       Use lotion, shampoo and lip balm made with pure organic lavender oil. We make some nice ones.

7.       Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water and use it as a room or ironing spray – shake vigorously each time you use it (oil and water don’t mix, as you know)

8.       Put some on a handkerchief and tuck it into your pillowcase for the sweetest of dreams

With all of these ideas, keep in mind that oil can stain, and it’s slippery, so swirl, sprinkle and shake accordingly.

One important note: in the same way that pure essential oils reconnect us to our place in the web of nature, artificial fragrances do the opposite. They are the imposters of the sensory world and they wreak havoc with our health and our brain chemistry.

Avoid them at all costs. In your body products, in your cleaning and laundry products, in your scented candles and room “fresheners”. The FDA doesn’t require companies to specify what they use to create the “fragrance” in their products, as it is considered a trade secret. That means they can, and do, include ingredients that cause reproductive imbalance, cancers and allergies. Go here to learn more.

So go the other way – towards what your body knows how to do so well. Lie on the warm skin of the planet with the sun shining on you and the work of the bees all around you.

Happy spring.

Written by Susan Griffin-Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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  • Mcrcblack

    Yes, Susan – I love lavender – your EO lavender oil.  I especially use it just before going to bed – on my night clothes – and it helps me concentrate and meditate towards slumber.  Thanks for such a great product.

  • Wow!! This is one of the best post i have read so far.

  • I will surely use the ways that you have given for applying essential oils. Thanks

  • Lavender herb has many advantages that one can see after using the lavender oil.With its antibacterial,anti fungal and antiseptic properties, lavender for health and well-being is importantly consider.