DIY Friday: How to Distill Water

On April 30, 2015 by Team EO in DIY, RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS & ,

Many essential oil recipes call for distilled water. This is for a specific reason: the natural minerals that are present in most drinking water are good for our bodies, but can corrupt delicate essential oil elixirs.

If you don’t have some pre-distilled water around the house, you can easily distill your own at home.


Large pot with lid
Heat-resistant glass or stainless steel bowl that fits inside the pot


Fill the large pot about three quarters of the way full with water. Place the bowl in the water and cover the pot.

Boil water. As the water boils it will condense on the lid and ‘rain’ into the bowl. This is a simple distillation process. The larger mineral particles will stay at the bottom of the pot and only the pure, distilled water will end up in the bowl.

When the bowl is full, remove from the pot (careful of steam, it’s hot!) and pour into a clean, heat-safe container.

You can now use this distilled water to make your room sprays, perfumes and hair treatments with essential oils!

You can also make rose water or any other fragrant flower water and substitute those fragrant waters intstead of distilled water. For our DIY on Rose Water click here.