Finding Balance: Why De-tox? Why Not Low-Tox?

On October 3, 2016 by Susan Griffin-Black in ANATOMY OF A RITUAL

We live in a society that encourages overconsumption. We are urged to buy, eat, drive, drink, apply, and wear a million different things. Then, usually right around the holidays or before ‘swimsuit season’ we’re suddenly hit with our need to detoxify our overloaded systems.

There’s little talk of the cumulative effect of the many products we’re encouraged to use every day until it’s time to buy a new product to help us recover from using the last ones.

Detox is usually sold to us under the guise of balance. “Balance out your holiday overindulgence” messaging that suggests that the only way to live is in a constant cycle of taking in too much followed by not taking in much at all.

This feast or famine approach is the same as yo-yo dieting. To me, it’s about streamlining my choices. Simple to say and not easy to do. 

The answer to overconsumption isn’t fasting, it’s moderation — wellbeing. Instead of de-toxing, perhaps we can start on the path of low-toxicity. Instead of taking in everything and then nothing, perhaps we can begin to live in a way that takes in a little, now and then.