A History of Bathing

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With cold winter weather upon us, we are reminded of the magic of a hot bath. A bath with EO® and Everyone products is an immersive aromatherapeutic experience. Whether you bathe as a cleansing ritual or to relax, remember that Hot Water is Good Medicine.

Soaked In History

The first record of a bathtub was in 1700 BC in Greece. Ancient Greeks and Muslim cultures believed that cleanliness was necessary before prayer. Beyond a daily ritual, baths were prescribed for any number of ailments. Regarded as medicine early on, baths were believed to help heal and recover the body.

Water, and washing with water, has long been regarded as a symbol of renewal, forgiveness and regeneration. Jewish traditions regard water as a powerful marker of transition, submerging themselves in baths preceding or following big life changes. Bathing hasn’t always been the private, serene experience we know today. Baths were a social occasion for ancient Romans and still are for some modern cultures.

Every culture defines cleanliness differently, some regarding naturally occurring body odor as normal, even attractive. Our modern Western culture is obsessed with bathing for optimum appearance: daily scrubbing showers, masking our bodies with fragrance, pristine white teeth, manicured hands and feet.

We’re not shrugging off these benefits to our bodies’ surface; in fact, we believe taking great care of your skin and hygiene is really important. But underneath the surface, baths are intensely healing and beneficial to the mind and spirit.

Relaxation and Meditation

At EO, we know the key to relaxation is lying back in a great smelling tub of hot water. Our EO Bubble Baths are made with indulgent essential oils and moisturizing botanical extracts like Hops and Figs, Marshmallow and Jojoba. Named for their great benefits: Renew, Serenity, Nighty Night and Be Well, EO Bubble Baths rejuvenate tired bodies at the end of a long day. Everyone Bubble Baths contain the same Organic Herbal Blend and feature a variety of essential oil blends inspired by nature to create a beautiful sensory experience.

There is something meditative about a bath. The warm, small, quiet space you create for yourself to just exist in for a moment. It’s about giving yourself a pleasant time-out, an excuse to indulge in yourself. A bath provides a tiny little vacation away from the distractions of our electronics and obligations. Who couldn’t use a little more awareness and presence at the end of the day?

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath when you need to reboot. Not a fan of bubbles but still want to wind down with aromatherapy? Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water as you run your bath. Nothing warms the body and soul to the core like a soothing bath.

Soaks for Aches and Pains

The humidifying properties of hot water help to clear air passages and break up congestion. Soaking the body in hot water softens skin and opens pores, making it more susceptible to the benefits of any other ingredient added to the bath. Soothing oatmeal baths are commonly recommended for skin irritation. It is believed that the mineral baths can reduce inflammation, detoxify muscle cells and restore the magnesium that the body loses due to stress.

Our EO Bath Salt Soaks are full of nutrient-rich Californian and Himalayan sea salts. Our Everyone Epsom Soaks soothe tired muscles and nourish skin with Olive oil. Next time your body feels run down, draw a salt bath and let your body soak in the minerals and treat your senses to the aromatherapeutic benefits of pure essential oils.

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