3 Beautiful Qualities of EO’s Bubble Bath

Naturally beautiful in EO Lavender Bubble Bath
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3 Naturally Beautiful Qualities of EO’s Lavender Bubble Bath

Bubbles may have a way of transforming bathtubs, but EO Lavender Bubble Bath has a way of transforming us, combating the stress of each day through quiet comfort to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Here’s a look at the labor of love that goes into the making of every bottle—the three qualities that have been fine-tuned to transform the everyday task of bathing into a relaxing ritual.


The easy route to creating a more green-looking ingredient declaration panel is to include a lot of extracts at levels that are less than 1%—sometimes just 0.1, 0.2%. It’s a known ploy in the industry called “the cocktail way,” and it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

The balance between health and efficacy is something that we’ve really tried to own. So, in 2009, we took another look at our bubble baths and made a commitment to include extract blends at a level of at least 2%.

We’ve explored different in-house extraction methods, such as putting tea bags into the water base for our systems, but one key is making sure we include our extracts at a level that’s efficacious. Sometimes, that means increasing cost and decreasing the ease of manufacturing.


natural EO French Lavender Bubble Bath

EO French Lavender Bubble Bath

There are distributors of oils, and then there are those who actually distil the oils at the location where the plant material is grown. That’s a qualifying criterion for all of our essential oil providers. That’s why the company that produces our Lavender extracts is based in France, which is where some of the more storied production methods are still being maintained.

However, anytime you’re running something through water—or even alcohol—the extracts have to be preserved. This is where hidden preservatives can often come into play. So, we’re very careful, and we ask a lot of questions. We have a form that we require all of our raw material vendors to fill out before we even explore the use of that material.


Our path has always been to push our products to be greener. But, when you’re dealing with a natural approach to personal care, you really limit the palette in terms of what you can use.

When we replaced the preservation system in EO Bubble Bath with a much greener, next-generation system, that process required nearly two and a half years. It’s a lot of work for our Research and Development team, but we needed to make sure that the preservation system was still doing its job in the new formula.

To increase a product’s green componentry is challenging—it would almost be easier just to make an entirely new product—but it’s fun. And, the more we do it, the better we become.