Sweat Equity: New Research & Old Practices

Happy Sweating Woman
On January 5, 2017 by Susan Griffin-Black in ANATOMY OF A RITUAL, RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

The activities that make us sweat are associated with good health. Sometimes culturally, the sweat itself is usually seen as a burdensome side effect, something that has to be endured in order to get the benefits of the activity.

As a result of our collective distaste for sweat, products like antiperspirants have flooded the market that promise to ‘end wetness’, deliver ‘all day dryness’, and generally end sweating.

While it may seem to be attractive to get all the benefits of exercise without having to sweat, I’ve always felt that sweating is key. I am a hot yoga and kundalini yoga devotee, myself, so I’m no stranger to sweating it out. There’s something about feeling the sweat on my face that just feels like I’m doing something good for my body. 

So when I heard about a collection of recent studies that showed that our sweat glands were able to expel toxins such as phthalates, BPA, and heavy metals better and more efficiently than our kidneys I had one of those a-ha! moments. Of course I loved sweating – it was how my body was eliminating certain toxins.

So, sweat it out, friends. Take a hot yoga class, go on a hard hike or a nice run, take a sauna (or just a nice, hot bath) or just start dancing until you break a sweat. Not only will you be getting the many benefits of relaxation and exercise, you’ll be helping your body cleanse itself.

To read a summary of the various studies done on sweat and toxins, click below. The individual studies are cited at the end of the review, if you’d like to read those: