Three Beautiful Diffuser Blends

Diffuser Blends
On May 15, 2017 by Susan Griffin-Black in INSIDE INFORMATION

Three Beautiful Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

Aromatherapy continues to be of rising interest in our world, and today most people know what essential oils are and have heard that they may help to elevate or relax moods. When I first discovered essential oils in 1992, aromatherapy was a marginal practice, especially in the US. I’ve spent the last twenty plus years working intimately with essential oils with the intention of making essential oils and aromatherapy accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to explore the natural beauty of plants and flowers.

As we move from Spring into Summer, I wanted to share some of my favorite essential oil blends for your diffuser. These three blends are intended to relax, inspire, and brighten your mood in the simplest way – by breathing in the mood changing scents of pure essential oils.

Because scent is subjective, it’s good practice to test how the oil will affect you. This is most easily done by simply opening the bottle of essential oil and taking a deep breath. See how it feels, how your body and mind uniquely respond to the scent. If you find that a particular scent relaxes you, even if it’s recommended for enlivening you, then use it to relax. This isn’t a test, there are no wrong answers. The following blends are what I’ve found to work for myself and many people, but they are simply guidelines. As you work with essential oils for yourself, you’ll find which are best for you.

To use these blends, just add them to your diffuser. For a flower diffuser, simply drop the essential oils directly onto the flower and enjoy. For any other diffuser, follow the directions that came with your diffuser for best results.


Relaxing Blend

This gentle blend is best used whenever you need a moment to breathe deeply and find your calm. Any of these oils can be used alone, as well, to help you relax into a more peaceful state of mind.


Inspiration Blend

This enlivening blend is the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need a little inspiration. Just a breath of this bright, lively blend perks me right up and gets me ready for whatever my day has in store for me next.


Balancing Blend

This is my favorite blend to use when I am feeling scattered, Rose Geranium has a way of helping me find my center. This lovely blend can be used whenever you feel a little unbalanced, it will help you come back to that sweet spot.

Have a beautiful week, friends. May every breath be one of beauty. xo, Susan