6 Ways to Maximize Learning During Bath Time

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On August 6, 2018 by Team Everyone in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS


Did you know 85% of the brain is developed by age 3? These formative first years are when most children are not in school and parents are left guessing how to meet their child’s developmental needs. Our good friends at Monti Kids are doing great work in this space – providing toys and accompanying proven curriculum to give your child’s education an early start. They’re our guest writers for today, sharing a few ways to add some education and plenty of fun to bath time.

Language Development

Bath time is a great opportunity for language learning. Your child learns new words and sounds through conversation with you and everyone around him. Talk to your little one about what is happening and what he is experiencing. “The water is warm.” “I’m washing your hair.” “I’m scrubbing your feet.” “You are splashing!” If he gets upset you can reassure him, “This is new!” or “Are you feeling chilly now that you are out of the bath?”

Sensorial Experience

Children learn best by using their senses to experience the world. Allow time for sensorial exploration. When you notice your little one feeling calm and alert in the water, let her move her limbs and “float.” She will enjoy the reminiscent feeling of being in your belly. Not to mention it’s a great exercise in relaxation and body scheme awareness – the concept of learning where her body ends and her environment begins.


Once your little one is able to sit in the tub, you can introduce fun bath toys! A set of stacking cups, for example. Start with just two or three in the beginning and he can practice pouring from cup to cup. Offering language for the different quantities in the cups is also great here – “That cup is half full. That cup is empty!” And so on.


The bath is a great place to start counting. Toes, Fingers, Arms, Cups, Toys — there are endless ways to bring numbers into bath time. The variety of different quantities helps solidify what numbers represent to your baby.


Any opportunity for self-care boosts a child’s self-esteem, plus toddlers enjoy taking ownership of themselves! Try offering your little one his own wash cloth to take part in scrubbing. You can play a game, “Can you scrub your cheeks? Can you scrub your knees?” and point out the difference before and after scrubbing when there is a particularly messy area.

The products you use to create a clean, bubbly space for self-care should be gentle and free from things like dyes and artificial fragrance. A great place to start is by using products that are EWG Verified™, meaning they’re free from harsh and disruptive chemicals. We’re excited to partner with Everyone and share their EWG Verified™ baby products, including bath wash, lotion, oil, and wipes. Learn more about these products and stock up on healthier bath supplies here.

Dressing Towards Independence

Include your child in aspects of daily life like getting dressed. By breaking the activity into little steps and collaborating with your little one, you can encourage independence. Show her the steps involved in taking off her socks, for example, by pulling down the top of the sock over the heel and then pulling it off from the toe. Invite her to try the other one. Do the same with other articles of clothing, even if it’s not bath time.


About Monti Kids:

Monti Kids gives you access to the world’s #1 early education curriculum, Montessori, in a subscription made easy to use at home. You can sign up anytime between birth and age three. Every 3 months, you receive a box of Montessori toys tailored to your child’s age and stage of development, plus corresponding 2-minute videos that show how to introduce the toys and support your child’s learning. The rest is up to your child and their exceptional ability to learn through play! For more helpful tips on learning with your little one, visit montikids.com/blog.

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