8 Reasons To Switch to Natural Deodorant

On April 16, 2018 by Team EO in INSIDE INFORMATION

Ready to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant?

It’s hard to search for deodorant on the internet today without encountering an article on the potential risks in mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants. People are fast becoming aware of the potential risks of many body care ingredients and moving to the natural alternatives for a gentler and safer product selection.

Just in case you’re still undecided, we’ve collected some great reasons to switch to natural deodorant today.

8 Reasons To Switch to Natural Deodorant

  1. Choosing a natural deodorant eliminates the potential risks of harmful ingredients like aluminum salts, mercury salts, and propylene glycol.
  2. Choosing a deodorant made without synthetic scent protects you from phthalates and other dangerous ingredients that hide behind the label ‘fragrance’.
  3. Natural deodorants made with pure essential oils deliver a mood-boosting burst of aromatherapy every time you use the product.
  4. Sweat is good for your body, and natural deodorants control odor while allowing your body to function in a healthy way.
  5. Natural deodorants are a safe and effective choice for so many people in your family – women, men, and young adults can all use them.
  6. When you buy a product made with organic or non-gmo ingredients like EO and everyone natural deodorants, you promote traditional farming of earth-friendly plants.
  7. Choosing a natural deodorant over a mainstream product helps keep environmentally harmful ingredients like triclosan and benzalkonium chloride from the water supply.
  8. Buying a natural deodorant from a B Corp like EO Products means you’re supporting change in the business world towards companies prioritizing people, purpose, and the planet before profit.

Make The Switch!

Ready to make an easy change in your daily ritual? Natural deodorant sprays and wipes from EO & everyone can add a boost of pure essential oils in every spritz or swipe. Always without aluminum, mercury, phthalates, propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan, or benzalkonium chloride.

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