Survival Tactics: A Business With a Plan

On April 13, 2017 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS, INSIDE INFORMATION

As with personal growth, a healthy business needs a plan with lofty intentions. To me, the making of money isn’t that difficult. However, can you make your money in a way that supports your personal growth? This seems impossible in today’s world where the making of money (business) and living our lives (personal) are kept separate.

Growth for growth’s sake just doesn’t fly here at EO Products. I’m no dummy; we all need money for food, shelter, healthcare, clothes, and a good bourbon. However this doesn’t relieve us of our obligation to our personal growth. To life.

I aspire to align my personal growth with my business’s growth by setting clear intentions – people, planet, purpose and profit. I try to ripple that out to each person I engage with.

We have a higher chance of success if each drop of water in our bucket of a “fulfilled” life is aligned, versus every other one.