Survival Tactics: A Man with a Plan

On April 5, 2017 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS, INSIDE INFORMATION

To me, life is about growth through a constant of change. This personal, physical, and spiritual evolution is revealed through our actions of how we live our daily life.

Many opportunities of growth happen when I’m not expecting it – often I’m blindsided by big (and small) events in daily life. They throw me off track of my aspiration of peace and harmony. My choice at these bumps is to either evolve over them or fall into a pattern of being stuck (the easier option of the two).

To support my evolution, I have a few practices that give me perspective of how I’m living compared to how I aspire to live. I take trips to the Philippines twice a year to visit a wise healer, attend local classes weekly, and have a daily practice.

I think you need to get perspective on your aspirations by abandoning your daily patterns of life. We must ask ourselves: how do I ideally want to live and be?

Life will always have the bumps; it’s our work to develop the skills to smooth the ride.