Anatomy of a Ritual: Balanced, Beautiful Breath

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On September 22, 2017 by Team EO in ANATOMY OF A RITUAL

Balanced, Beautiful Breath Ritual

Breath is life, and every breath we take is an opportunity to improve our focus and relieve stress in our lives. Our lifelong love affair with essential oils has made us particularly interested in the practice of breath. Ancient wisdom and modern studies agree that proper breathing techniques can reduce stress, improve wellbeing, and increase energy levels.

This simple ritual of breath can help any time you need a little calm and focus infused into your day. A regular practice of mindful breathing can improve your overall health and wellbeing simply by taking a moment to focus on your breath. Below, we’ve outlined the five aspects of focused breathing in a ritual that is as simple as it is profound.

  1. Breathe Through Your Nose

When we breathe in through our noses our bodies filter out much more than when we breathe through our mouths. Additionally, the act of breathing through our noses brings our attention to the intake of breath, allowing us to focus on taking longer, smoother breaths.

  1. Fill Your Belly

To take a full, healthy breath you should use your diaphragm. That means inhaling deep into your belly and expanding both your chest and lower belly with air before breathing out. Practice breathing in with your hand on your lower belly, your hand should move outwards with every inhalation.

  1. Five In, Pause, Six Out

A truly relaxing breath should last about seven seconds. Practice breathing in for a five count, pausing, and exhaling to the count of six. If this is too long in the beginning, start with a lower count and work up to the 5/6 count.

  1. Breathe Relaxed

Relax your body when consciously breathing. Let your shoulders fall back, your belly become soft, and your facial muscles to go slack. This will trigger your body to know there is no immediate threat and begin the internal processes of calm.

  1. Posture Helps

Standing or sitting with a straight back will help get even more calming breaths into your body. If you’re engaging in this ritual at work, take the opportunity to step away from your desk and stand with a straight back for a few minutes. If you’re at home, sitting or kneeling with a straight back can be incredibly relaxing.

Enjoy your day, friends, one breath at a time.

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