Anatomy of a Ritual: Feel Awake & Alert

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On September 28, 2017 by Team EO in ANATOMY OF A RITUAL

Feel Awake: A Ritual of Alertness

We all need a little boost now and then, and with the hectic world we live in it’s easy to get run down and lose focus. Whether its kids keeping you busy or a full schedule of work and social life, finding yourself distracted and tired is common.

Here at EO, we love using essential oils to bring us into the moment at hand. We created our Grapefruit & Mint scent to help us wake up in the morning and the scents of pure Peppermint and bright Grapefruit are great pick-me-ups throughout the day as well.

When you feel that slump coming on, you can diffuse awakening essential oils or just grab a lotion or hand soap with the essential oils already in them and take a deep breath as you use them.

In addition to the uplifting scents of Grapefruit & Mint essential oils, we’ve gathered some tips on how to stay focused throughout your day.

1. Get Enough Rest
Yes, the easiest way to feel awake is to sleep. Feeling alert throughout the day has a lot to do with how much and how well you slept the night before. Check out our Sweet Slumber Ritual for more on how to get that beauty rest.

2. Eat Breakfast
Jumpstarting your metabolism is key to a happy and focused day. Grab a quick bite or even an energy bar – just put some calories in your body before you head out the door. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

3. Take a Walk
Just a few minutes of moderate exercise can boost our mood and give us a little extra energy. Socializing also boosts our moods, so ask a friend or co-worker to take a five minute walk around the block with you, it’ll make the rest of your day much more energized.

4. Chocolate!
Go ahead and hit up that candy jar when the mid-afternoon slump hits. Cocoa has been shown to reduce stress levels, give a healthy boost of energy, and it tastes amazing. Try a low sugar, high cocoa content chocolate to get the most out of this delicious treat.

Stay focused, friends!