Anatomy of a Ritual: A Ritual of Gratitude

Kat Chen and her family
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Anatomy of a Ritual: One Family’s Ritual of Gratitude

We all have our rituals—the things we mindfully do every day, each week or sometimes, simply as often as we can, that help to center us. Whether it’s dabbing a beloved scent on a wrist each morning or phoning a friend at the end of a long day, our rituals remind us that there’s beauty in the little things and help us to find and celebrate the pause in life.

We caught up with Kat to talk to her about her family’s ritual of gratitude that they’ve been practicing for over five years together. Kat is an EO tribe member from the Bay Area who works with an incredible foundation called Boobs4Food that combines a love for food with a desire to feed homeless populations.

Team EO: Hey Kat! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. How’s your day going?

Kat: Oh, always lovely and always busy! Thanks for thinking of me for these rituals!

Team EO: Of course! So, tell us about your ritual.

Kat: Well, we have a family ritual that we’ve been practicing since our son was little. It’s all about gratitude. Every night, our family gathers at bedtime and talks about what we’re grateful for.

Team EO: Wow, that’s really beautiful. What does this ritual bring to your lives?

Kat: So much! Every night, no matter where we are or what our day has been like we end our day with feeling like we’re really blessed. We all have hard days, even a five-year-old has hard days, and ending our days with the things that are positive is a gentle way to end the day and allow us to slip into sleep with happy thoughts instead of worry or distraction.

Team EO: Tell us a little about what’s involved, and how often you get together and practice this ritual together.

Kat: We do this every night, and it’s non-negotiable. No matter what we’re going through we commit to this ritual. Some nights, it’s just all of us naming one thing as we fall asleep after a long day. Other nights, we take the time to talk about our gratitude in different ways, really letting our son explore what richness he has in his life – even on hard days.

Team EO: Seems like this ritual has really affected your life in a wonderful way. Would you recommend this to others?

Kat: Oh my goodness, yes, to everyone. It doesn’t have to be the way we do it, but finding something that you’re grateful for every day is a life changing ritual. You could text a friend, or write it in a journal, or call a friend. I can’t recommend this ritual enough, it’s really transformed the way I see my world and I’m so proud to watch my son’s experience of feeling grateful each day – to watch that progression has just been incredible.

Team EO: Wow, Kat, that’s great. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. Have a wonderful week, here’s to hoping for much to be grateful for! Are there any cool Boobs4Food events coming up we should know about?

Kat: Thank you! And, yes! We have a Boobs4Food Charity Ride coming up at Soulcycle Los Gatos on Sunday September 17 at 5:00pm. You can follow us on Instagram or join our public group on Facebook for updates, sign ups, and future events. Most of our events support our lunch bag and hygiene kit creations for those in need.


The Awesome Boobs4Food Crew

Get to Know Kat:

Favorite EO Product: French Lavender Hand Soap

Favorite smell: Lavender

What music/podcasts are you listening to? Podcast: The Read, Music: Reggae, Latin, and Jazz with my son

What app do you use / what shows do you watch? HBO Now – Insecure, Netflix – Law & Order: SVU, Mind of a Chef, Chef’s Table, So You Think You Can Dance