Anatomy of a Ritual: Sweet Sleep

On October 18, 2017 by Team EO in ANATOMY OF A RITUAL

Sweet Sleep Ritual

Our world is busy, bustling, and rarely boring. Our lives are filled with activity, information, and stimulation. Sleep lets us hit the reset button on our days, and let all the stimulus of the waking hours process, making room for new dreams and ideas.

Sleep is also a great healer, research shows that weight loss, heart health, and emotional regulation are all closely tied to good sleep patterns.

Developing a ritual for bedtime can help you get your nightly dose of dream time and stock up on the beauty rest you deserve.

  1. Start In The Morning

A bedtime ritual can begin as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Start your day by making your bed and setting the calming stage for the evening ahead. You can even leave yourself a little treat like a chocolate on your pillow or a spritz of Lavender Pillow Spray to remind you that your sleep is important.

  1. Create Calm

Take a hot bath, set low lights, diffuse calming essential oils, or play your favorite calming music. Whatever your preferred relaxation, make a conscious choice to practice it before bedtime. We are creatures of habit, and a nightly ritual of calm will get your mind and body ready for bed before your head hits the pillow.

  1. Turn Off The Screens

Whether its your phone, TV, or computer – turn off the screens. The ambient light alone is enough to disrupt your sleep, and the enticing promise of flashing apps is detrimental to a relaxed state of mind. If you prefer some sort of calming stimulus before bed, try a book or a podcast that allows the screens to be black instead of glowing.

  1. Reserve the Bed for Sleep (and Sex)

It’s easy to use your bed as a work station or a staging area for the next big project you’re going to accomplish. Resist the temptation of turning that big, comfortable space into a tabletop and reserve your bed for bed activities. Research shows that when your bed is associated with only sleep and sex, you are far more likely to slip into slumber when you get between the sheets – unless you’re engaging in that other awesome bed activity (which will also help you sleep).

  1. Make Sleep A Priority

Lastly, make your sleep a priority in your life. Don’t be afraid to say you have to leave the party to get your rest – every hour after midnight feels like two the next day. Use natural sleep aids if you need them, there’s a lot of amazing herbal remedies that can help you find your calm and get some zzzzs. Most of all, know that your body, mind, and spirit all need that valuable sleep time and make sure you give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Happy slumber, friends. See you in dreamland!