Back to the Essentials: Serina’s Sun Kissed Skin

Serina Richard and her wife outside their home.
On August 20, 2017 by Team EO in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

Getting Back to the Essentials: Serina Richard’s Sun Kissed Skin

Getting Back to the Essentials is all about doing the things—however simple—that bring us clarity and make us feel at peace. It is a commitment to living a more fulfilled life, finding a balance between the demands of the day and the demands of the soul. And it’s a dedication to finding the rituals and products that help you nurture yourself and those around you.

Serina Richard is a member of the EO tribe who lives in a small suburb of southern California with her wife, two children, and two dogs. We spoke over the phone and talked about life, sunlight, and how matcha green tea cookies help her find her flow.

Team EO: Hey Serina! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. We wanted to talk about what’s essential to you. Can you tell us a little bit about what you find essential?

Serina: Of course! I think I would have to say being outside. The sun on my skin, especially, is essential for me. We live in Southern California and there’s lots of sunny days, so I go for a walk nearly every day. Sometimes one or both of my dogs will come with me. Some days I leave my phone at home and really enjoy the world around me. There’s this lovely trail just behind our house that I walk as often as possible.

Some nights it’s so nice outside that when my wife gets home, we just sit outside and enjoy the night. The outdoors is like a reset button for me, it makes me feel happy.

Team EO: That sounds like an essential part of your life. What else do you do that makes you happy?

Serina: Oh, I have to say baking. I started a few years ago, one day I just said to myself, ‘I’m going to bake something.” And I did, and it was wonderful! I love the feeling I get when I’m baking, from laying out the ingredients to the finishing touches I am just in a state of flow. It’s my happy place.

Team EO: What do you like to bake?

Serina: I started with cupcakes, then moved to cookies and cakes. Lately I’ve started baking with more healthy ingredients like almond flour instead of wheat flour. Today, I’m planning on making some matcha green tea cookies with a chocolate filling, like an ice cream sandwich but with chocolate icing instead of ice cream smooshed between two green tea cookies.

Team EO: Wow! That sounds delicious! Wish we could try some!

Serina: (laughing) I don’t think they’ll last long enough to send up to northern California, but I’ll try to take a picture.

Team EO: Thank you, Serina, we’d love that! And, thank you for taking the time to share your essentials. Enjoy the rest of the day. 

Serina: Thank you!


Get to Know Serina:

Favorite EO Product? That is definitely EO Hand Sanitizer in peppermint! Yum.

Favorite Scent? My favorite scent? Hmm I’ll say anything that smells like fresh baked cookies, bread, or cake.

What’s in your ears? I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to music. I enjoy Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, but then I also like symphony music, and hip hop.

What are you watching? My all time favorite show is I Love Lucy, and my go-to for movies is horror, especially the classics.