Brad Rant: Buckets and Small Circles

On November 7, 2017 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS

Buckets and Small Circles


When I get up to the figurative 30,000 feet and look down at our company, I see lots of small circles.

A rotating and evolving Venn diagram, if you will.

Thinking at this level helps me move our different projects and initiatives into buckets, or filters, in which we move all our decisions through. I look less at the details and more at how things flow.

EO Products is a B Corp – that means we’re a recognized part of a collective of companies dedicated to use business as a force for good.

To us, that informs the priority of our pillars: People, Purpose, Planet, and Profit. I’ve labeled my mental buckets with these pillars.

They help me sort through things and realign.

To create intentional action plans.

These buckets sway and the circles grow and shrink.

Every day is not a start and stop. Rather, it’s an evolution.