Brad Rant: Disruption, Not Destruction

On January 16, 2018 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS

I take great pride in being a disruptor.
It’s been my experience that upsetting the status quo is beneficial.
We were disruptive almost 30 years ago when we followed our hunch that Certified Organic was the way to go.
I was disruptive yesterday when I insisted we update clunky, tired processes.

Disruption shakes up old behaviors we’ve settled into.
It allows for improvement and meeting the inevitable change.

Disruption isn’t bad.
Causing undue harm is.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to distinguish between the two.
Especially if you’re sitting across the table from me.
I admit, there will be moments of unskillfulness.

The way I work towards this is by holding myself in a place of respect (internally and externally).
However, by searching for internal calm, I’m able to balance the struggle (what is destructive?) and the practice (what is constructive?).
And to recognize if the root of resistance is to the desired outcome or to the disruption itself.

Perhaps the best work I can do is acknowledge my unreasonable demand for change.
And meet it with peace instead of impatience.