Brad Rant: Far and Familiar

On April 9, 2019 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS

I’m fortunate to be able to travel the world often.
I love to visit places I’ve never been, and more than not, I find myself returning to the same destinations and visiting the same people, restaurants, and landmarks.

I was recently in Nuremberg, Germany and having dinner with some friends, longtime Germany visitors.
As the dinner hours stretched on, I noticed how familial the conversations were between my friends and the owners.
Turns out, my friends had been coming to this same restaurant for fifteen years for most of their meals, despite all the other options.

We all remarked on how nourishing and meaningful it can be to feel familiar when you’re traveling.
It’s like roots of a tree that hold it in place during a storm.

So, when do you decide to settle on something?
What makes you decide to go deep rather than broad?
Anyone who has traveled knows the pressure that can come with seeing it all. And after traveling all that way, the FOMO is real.

For me, I found real clarity in that Nuremberg restaurant.
I realized I travel far to find familiarity.
To find that small moment of connection that comes from being a regular on the other side of the world.
I travel to see, and be seen.


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  • Ronnie Deaver

    During my travels, I’ve found my other fellow traveler’s natural tendency towards transience difficult to adjust to. Of course, I’m sure I was just as avoidant of relationships at times too – but I really felt like most people weren’t travelling to expand their minds, make deep connections, or explore their emotional capacities… They were there to “go on an adventure” rather than to simply “experience adventure” – the type of experience that only comes from slowing down, seeing what’s around you, and building both that familiarity but also deep appreciation for the present.

    Reading these rants is fun – I was introduced to you and Susan through an NPR podcast and while I loved hearing about your business success, what inspired me most was your mutual commitment to each other and the various states of relationship you’ve each gone through. You both seem personal committed to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and growth and I am amazed to see someone applying these principles to a startup/successful company and really “Living” that pursuit in everything they do.

    I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience a similar relationship with my acquaintance turned friend, turned lover, turned girlfriend, turned business partner, turned ex girlfriend, turned best friend that I thought was strange, yet beautiful and its so incredibly rewarding to hear a story of another set of people who’ve gone through similarly awesome relationships. Its particularly great that you both seem so happy, fulfilled, natural creators of joy, and thriving in life.

    I look forward to many more such posts that are engaging, emotionally enlightened, and just plain different than how most people speak of the world.