Brad’s Rant: Visions and a Peaceful Place

On September 6, 2017 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS
A peaceful place.

I often have visions in my mind’s eye.
I don’t choose to see what’s given to me, it feels as though images and ideas are just presented to me.
It’s just there, a gift — 
Many of them are an opportunity for growth.

My choice is to determine what to do with these visions.
I can choose to ignore them — many times i want them to go away
Because they can be disruptive to me – and potentially to others
Painful, even.

Many times I have to develop a new skill to move them along — the ability to create reality out of my dreams.
Keeping them inside just adds internal discord and pressure.
Moving them out brings a more peaceful place
Until the next one comes along