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Ordinary Isn’t

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On October 26, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

There are not many days that I walk down a street or up a mountain without a hand wrapped around the familiar black shoulder of my camera. It is a kind of talisman, an excuse to take a second look. [...]

My Kitchen

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On October 24, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

The concept of the “third place” is an old one: not home, not work, but a place to gather and connect. These are places that can give us an anchor to our days. [...]

It’s All Connected

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On October 12, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

“Act now!” “We must do something!” But I think when people approach these problems with a mindset of must-ness, it’s a sure precursor to failure and burnout – leaping out of the pan and into the fire. [...]


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On October 10, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

To live my best life, I need empty space, stillness and best of all, Bradtime. Time to digest the remarkable amount of information that flows into my world every micro-second (we give our food time to digest, why not all the data?). [...]

What the fork?

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On September 16, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

What would you rather do, make more plastic landfill or actually turn your lunch containers into COMPOST, aka “black gold”? That’s right, I thought so. There’s a problem though. It doesn’t work so well. [...]

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