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What the fork?

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On September 16, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

What would you rather do, make more plastic landfill or actually turn your lunch containers into COMPOST, aka “black gold”? That’s right, I thought so. There’s a problem though. It doesn’t work so well. [...]

Don’t forget Play Time!

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On August 30, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

I try to balance out the Seriousness of Running a Company by working with people I like, making products that I enjoy and participating with like-minded people and businesses. [...]

Let them eat…McDonalds?

On July 28, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

This happier meal just doesn’t cut it. Sure the calorie count will drop from 520 to 410 (wow), but the food is still processed, 410 calories and miles away from a wholesome food choice. [...]

Natural Products Expo: Moms make the household decisions!

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On March 12, 2011 in BRADS RANTS

Moms are the CEO’s of their households, making the purchasing decisions not just for themselves, but for their children and husbands too. This makes them a coveted demographic to market to, as they are buying for as many as five or six people. This was the message of the panel discussion on “Marketing to Moms” [...]

Brad Blog Update

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On December 9, 2010 in BRADS RANTS

Ask him why he is so passionate about recycling and reducing our carbon foot print and how that has driven him to ensure that all of the blue EO packaging you see in store is never made from virgin plastic. [...]

Packaging Matters

On November 23, 2010 in BRADS RANTS

As we enter into the holiday season it is important to notice all of the packaging we bring into our homes. So much plastic, paper, foil, and other holiday packaging ends up in landfills. While I am not suggesting that we all give up shiny bows on the gifts under the trees; only that we all [...]

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