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A formidable woman

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On April 3, 2012 in DIY

I follow the work of one woman who has not only found her voice, but has found ways to make sure a lot of people can hear it. Vandana Shiva, a woman from northern India who has a remarkable insight into the deep tie between human rights and protection of the planet. [...]

You are your own worst critic

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On March 23, 2012 in DIY

Self-criticism is pretty common. After all, we are usually the world’s #1 experts on our own shortcomings. If finding fault with ourselves was a virtue, most of us would be saints. [...]

Renegade fun

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On March 9, 2012 in DIY

One minute, a blank public space. The next a stream of people, carrying champagne, delicious food, silver and china and dancing as they proceeded to their tables to the strains of Debussy and Ravel for one indulgent night under the stars. [...]

Shirley and Jenny

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On January 27, 2012 in DIY

These two circus elephants – Shirley and Jenny – were reunited at a refuge for abused animals after 22 years apart. Shirley hadn’t seen another elephant during all of that time. Their reunion was surprising, and intense. [...]

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