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Walk, breathe, repeat.

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On January 23, 2012 in DIY

Breathing the good clean air that the mountain/woods/coastal scrub has made for me, soaking in how beautiful it all is and feeling myself to be an undeniable part of nature – instead of just an observer – is a healing. [...]

This could be a good time!

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On January 10, 2012 in DIY

Maybe all it takes to quietly claim the reality we want to see in our lives is to turn away from what scares us, and then stand up and turn around. [...]

Available In Every Moment

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On November 29, 2011 in DIY

Sometimes I think about Henry David Thoreau. Alone, sitting on his stone slab doorway in the woods, for whole days, the world shrunk down to the stretch of earth in front of him. [...]


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On November 17, 2011 in DIY

I’d like to highly recommend laziness. Laziness may not be the only antidote to exhaustion, but it might be an important step, and a valuable way to take care of ourselves in the midst of demanding and often over-busy lives. [...]

Love Curriculum

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On October 31, 2011 in DIY

The “Love Course” to the curriculum, a class that redefines “success” to include personal happiness, compassion, curiosity, creativity and kindness. [...]

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