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On October 18, 2012 in DIY

It’s a fickle friend, hiding away sometimes. But when it arrives, I greet it with abandon [...]

Sweat Equity

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On October 4, 2012 in DIY

I’m worth it. So are you, in whatever form self-care takes in your own life. [...]

Green Gulch Garden

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On September 21, 2012 in DIY

Last week, I walked the sprawl of blackberry brambles behind the sweet pea rows and watched a red fox helping herself – either blind and deaf to my presence or in complete comfort that she was safe here. Her steady refusal to acknowledge me meant I could fill up my eyes with her gold and charcoal fur tips, lit up from within in the late day light. [...]

Yoda Love

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On September 7, 2012 in DIY, MEET EVERYONE

I’m grateful to be learning and working with my creative family; grateful for the powerful, shared force of commitment to ourselves and each other to doing good in the world. [...]

Get real

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On August 23, 2012 in DIY

For women especially, the deep cultural message that come hell or high water we are to be “nice”, often translates to concessions small and large in the ways we honor ourselves and others. [...]

The vitality diet

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On August 21, 2012 in DIY

How do I feel? What do I need and want? This all wakes me up towards paying attention to the right here and now. [...]

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