Clearing The Roadblocks To 50/50

On May 15, 2017 by Brad Black in BRADS RANTS

We had two screenings of this film last week for our employees.

There are many pink elephants in the room.
The equality of women is a big one.
Watching such a powerful film as a family of employees was one of those moments where everyone felt the ground move.

After the film, we broke out into small groups for some brainstorming and open discussion. It was an inspiring and engaging day. The whole experience made me think…

I can see that prejudice is the undercurrent of our society.

In many ways it lives in our core and survival space.
Most of it is unconscious. Most of it is based in fear.
I’m prejudiced, too.
And, I can do better.

We’re all different. Gender is just one of the millions of ways we’re different.

We should strive to embrace equality – and our differences.
We should aspire to agree to disagree to all of these differences.
Doing so promotes a better home, a better workplace, a better world.

Open minds, open hearts, love, compassion, humility, collaboration, compromise – these are the backbones we should build our society on.

The inequality and prejudice we see in the world is a reflection of what we feel internally.

Change starts from within. Then the open dialogue begins.