DIY Friday: Strawberry and Lime Face Toner

Ingredients for strawberry, lime and basil face toner

Happy Friday! This week we’re celebrating the last days of summer by making a refreshing toner. This toner is easy to make and lends your skin the benefit of Vitamin C! Plus, it’s a great way to use up that extra end-of-summer garden bounty, should you find yourself with fruits, veggies and herbs to spare.

You’ll Need

Large Pot with domed lid
Heat-Proof Bowl (must fit inside pot with room at sides)
Brick or Ramekin
Basil Leaves
Peppermint Leaves
20 drops Orange Essential Oil
Spray Bottle

Here’s How

1. Place the small brick or heat-proof ramekin in the pot
2. Place the strawberries, limes, basil and peppermint around the brick or ramekin
3. Place the bowl on top of the brick or ramekin
4. Fill with enough water to just cover the plants without coming too close to the top of the bowl
5. Place the lid on the pot upside down
6. Turn the heat on medium until the water begins to simmer (but not boil)
7. Fill the inverted lid with ice. This helps encourage condensation.
8. Continue to simmer until the fruit and herbs lose color
9. Remove the bowl and use the funnel to get the liquid into your spray bottle
10. Add orange essential oil and shake
11. Use as a toner as desired, makes an excellent refreshing spray anytime!