DIY Thursday: Desktop Getaway Jar

On November 16, 2017 by Team Everyone in DIY

DIY Thursday
Desktop Getaway Jar


We are big daydream believers here at Everyone, and our favorite mental getaways are the ones inspired by aromatherapy. There’s nothing quite like our sense memory, is there? Our sense of smell, in particular, is so powerful. Tangled up with the emotional receptors in our brains, our sense of smell can trigger vivid memories and can project us positively to another place and time.


This all got us thinking: why not have that instant brain-cation within reach when you need it most? Perfect for your desk, locker, car, and purse – these little jars of aromatherapeutic heaven are there to help you hit reset on your mood. Our example today was inspired by one staffer’s collection of postcards from some picturesque getaways right in our backyard: Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. We used Everyone™ Fresh because it instantly transports us to those dense, fragrant forests we love.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Decorative jar, with lid
Cotton balls
Your favorite Everyone™ essential oils
Double-sided tape
Photos, postcards, or clippings of your go-to getaway


Here’s What To Do:

It’s really simple. Fill your jar with cotton balls. Add several drops of your favorite essential oils directly to the cotton balls. Trace the lid on your desired photo and cut a little bit inside your line to make your inner-lid photo. Fix it on the inside of the lid using a strip or two of double-sided tape. Add your favorite decorations or keepsakes to the outside, if you’re feelin’ fancy. Keep your jar on your desk or car, anywhere you need to take a moment. Let your imagination do the work.

Ahh… that’s better.


Did you give this project a try? Where did you escape to and which essential oils did you use? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below or find us on social @everyoneproducts.

Love, everyone