EO Gives Back

On June 25, 2010 by Team EO in INSIDE INFORMATION

Turning on the shower, having the water flow out onto your skin and washing away the day, seems like a given to most of us, but it’s a bit of a shock, and a mild moment of panic, when it doesn’t; when the realization hits as to how different it would be if soothing water of a daily shower were not available.  This is a reality for a growing number of people, who because of an array of circumstances are homeless, without the luxury of that daily shower, and the hope it brings.

There is no hope in homelessness.  It’s an extremely  scary word, but because of organizations like Homeward Bound of Marin, it’s a word we can begin to handle.

Homeward Bound first started out as The Marin Housing Center in 1974.  Their first shelter was a 5000 square foot tent, located at various spots throughout the county.  When Congress passed the Base Closure Act in 1994, Hamilton Navel Air Base become its final stop.  1996 was the year of the name change, and mission of, “opening doors to safety, dignity, and independence.”  And in 2000, the Homeward Bound’s New Beginnings shelter opened, and began its journey on a permanent solution to homelessness, by providing permanent solutions to homelessness by providing long-term transitional and permanent housing for families and adults.  And in 2010, they have grown:  The Next Key Center, Novato, CA, 415-382-3363, Mill Street Center, San Rafael, 415-457-9651, New Beginnings Center Novato, CA, 415-382-3363, Family Emergency Center, San Rafael, CA, 415-454-7418, and the Voyager Carmel Center San Rafael, CA, 415-459-5843.

EO Products has chosen to partner with Homeward Bound of Marin by providing ongoing donations of Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner for their centers.  It is important to us here at EO to give back to our community and help out those who live in it.  Be it a shower that starts your day, or the shower that eases you to sleep, the feeling of warm water, and the smell of clean, is a universal ahhh, and one that EO strives to one day provide for shelters throughout the country.

Please visit Homeward Bound’s website at:   http://www.hbofm.org/ to learn more, and see how you can join forces with EO Products  to make a difference and help us to help us to help others, and that is the most one can hope to do to give back.