EO Shower Gels! Rose & Chamomile

On June 24, 2010 by Team EO in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

Flowers are an unexpected luxury even if we are aware of the surprise. And once that familiar scent reaches the olfactory bulb the smile is instant, and few can resist the power of stop and smell the roses.

When one friend is in need of another, chamomile tea is nature’s calming remedy many have shared, as there’s just something nurturing about making tea for another.

EO Rose and Chamomile Shower Gel puts the two together to offer skin a gift that pampers and nurtures all in the warmth of a shower. EO Rose and Chamomile Shower Gel’s Softening Complex combines Marshmallow and Lemon extracts renowned for softening skin naturally, and is perfect for active, irritated and sensitive skin. Marshmallow root extract hydrates and supports the moisture balance within the skin, and lemon balm extract helps clean skin from deep within due to its astringent properties, and these work synergistically with the restorative and soothing properties of precious rose and chamomile Essential oils. EO Shower gel contains a richly foaming Coconut Oil Cleansing Complex that gently cleanses without drying.

EO Products shower gels are ph balanced, biodegradable, and polysorbate, disodium EDTA, sodium laureth sulfate and paraben free to help clean naturally.

  • I have enjoyed your products, especially rose chamomile and shaving creams. I instantly notice the difference between EO products and store products. I have notice a significant difference on my skin. I have told many people about EO products and given some for them to try and they love it. I love the picture of the lady with the rose. Thank you for creating EO products and all that you do.