Return to the Essentials: Fitness Fuels Good Work

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Return to the Essentials: Fitness & Nutrition Fuel Good Work

Getting Back to the Essentials is all about doing the things—however simple—that bring us clarity and make us feel at peace. It is a commitment to living a more fulfilled life, finding a balance between the demands of the day and the demands of the soul. And it’s a dedication to finding the rituals and products that help you nurture yourself and those around you.

This week we’re celebrating Lifetime Learning, and we wanted to talk with someone in the world of education to see what fuels the demanding work of educating our next generation of leaders. We sat down with Nicole Wellman Noble, an all around superhero in the world of education and a dear friend of our awesome Marketing & Communications Manager, Meredith. Nicole took the time to talk to us about what’s essential to her, the incredible work she does in the world, and how she manages her time to maximize her ability to give her whole heart and soul to the work she does.

Team EO: Hey Nicole! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. We know you’re busy, so let’s get right to it! How would you define something essential in your life?

Nicole: Happy to help! Meredith is such a great friend, and when she told me about this blog series I was so excited to be a part of it!

Ok, so I think something essential is something you need in order to operate as your best self.

Team EO: Well, that works! So, what’s essential to you?

Nicole: Well, I work in the world of service, I work in an organization that works to support students in getting an excellent, equitable education in low-income communities. So, what I need in order to do that is to get the things I need to be my best self.

One of the things that I personally need in order to give my whole self and my all to teachers and students is making sure that my relationships are strong with family and friends, taking time for that and investing in those relationships.

I also definitely need wellness activities in my life. I need to prioritize fitness as well as emotional and mental activities that keep me grounded. Also, I try to make sure that I’m grounding myself with gratitude every day.

Team EO: Oh, that’s so nice. If you don’t mind me asking, what is a wellness routine that helps you stay grounded?

Nicole: I try to be accountable to myself and others by going to several fitness classes during the week, cycling and dance are my favorites. I try to make sure I make time for physical fitness, because when I’m active I definitely have more energy to give back to others. That’s one routine, in addition to that, I know it sounds silly, but making time to eat breakfast and dinner every day is a big deal.

Team EO: That doesn’t sound silly at all! That’s a big challenge for most people these days.

Nicole: Yeah! I try to make that a priority because if I’m nourished, then I’m feeling better, and chances are I have more to give to others.

Team EO: That’s fantastic. How do you make sure you get to work out and eat well every day?

Nicole: Through strategic scheduling! (laughter) My Google calendar app is my best friend. I schedule my workouts in and that makes them a priority. In addition, my organization is so wonderful in prioritizing and promoting wellness. We have started a wellness initiative in our schools this school year to make sure that our teachers in urban education are putting themselves first so they can give their whole selves to their students each day. This year we hired on a wellness coordinator and we’re offering different fitness activities at all of our school campuses. We’ll be able to do workouts on campus and, we’ll not only be able to improve our own health, but also be models of wellness for our students. We’re hoping they’ll see teachers as role models and learn that one of the things they’ll need to be the leaders of our next generation is to make their health a priority.

Team EO: Well, that’s really wonderful work that you’re doing!

Nicole: Yeah! We’re also going to have nutrition themes each month, which will include stocking the teacher’s lounges with healthy snacks! Being a leader of this program has really inspired me to make my own health a priority, and that helps me stay dedicated to my own fitness and nutrition.

Team EO: Wow! that’s just amazing. So, how does it feel when you’re practicing your essentials?

Nicole: Amazing! When I have had my workout in the morning and eaten a healthy breakfast, I feel like I can conquer anything, which means I feel like I can give my whole heart and self to the work that I do.

If you’d like to know more about Nicole’s organization, Bright Star Schools, which operates schools in Los Angeles, CA you can visit

Get to Know Nicole:

Favorite EO Product?

Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray. I actually give these as holiday gifts to all my school admin staff. They love them!

Favorite smell?

My husband is a great cook, and when I come home to the smell of him cooking something fresh, that’s my favorite smell!

Favorite thing to listen to?

NPR is my go-to, I love getting all the straight, non-political content. That’s hard to find these days.

Favorite show or app?

The Google calendar app is a must for me, and I still use ClassPass for some of my fitness needs. As for shows, I love watching Homeland, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and most things on HGTV.