Five Creative Ways To Use Your Hand Sanitizer

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On August 15, 2016 by Susan Griffin-Black in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

Five Creative Ways To Use Your Hand Sanitizer

Whether it’s back to school season or a summer full of travel, hand sanitizers are a handy essential any time of year. 

I’ve carried a bottle of EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer in my purse since we first released them in 2004. I use our sanitizers to clean my hands when soap and water aren’t around, and over the years I’ve discovered several problems that these convenient little cleaners solve beyond clean hands.

  1. Deodorizing: From my yoga mat to that old pair of sneakers in the back of the closet, I’ve used my hand sanitizer to refresh everything. They are made with alcohol, so test a patch of whatever you’re spraying to make sure the color isn’t affected.
  2. Blemishes: Whenever I feel a blemish starting, I dab a little Lavender hand sanitizer gel on the spot. The combination of alcohol and Lavender seems to calm and correct. (Available here and here.)
  3. Deodorant: In a pinch, I’ve used our sanitizers as a deodorant! They work wonderfully at eliminating odor.
  4. Messes: As I mentioned above, always test an inconspicuous spot of any fabric before cleaning with these. That being said, I have removed more than one stain with a spray of sanitizer. Car seats, desks, and sweaters have all been saved with a spritz.
  5. Glass: Whether its my phone screen or my reading glasses, I’ve used our sanitizer spray to clean smudges and smears from glass. Just a spray and a wipe and I can see again!

 Stay clean, stay healthy. XO, Susan