Anatomy of a Ritual: Heidi Zak’s Exercise Ritual

Heidi Zak, founder of ThirdLove, talks about her ritual of exercise.
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Anatomy of a Ritual: Heidi Zak’s Exercise Ritual

We all have our rituals—the things we mindfully do every day, each week or sometimes, simply as often as we can, that help to center us. Whether it’s dabbing a beloved scent on a wrist each morning or phoning a friend at the end of a long day, our rituals remind us that there’s beauty in the little things and help us to find and celebrate the pause in life.

We sat down with Heidi Zak, Co-Founder of ThirdLove to talk about her regular ritual of exercise and how that helps her juggle a new startup and a family. Prior to ThirdLove, Zak cut her teeth in retail at Aeropostale where she quickly rose to Director of the retail giant, launching and running the International Division, before moving over to marketing at Google. Zak holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from MIT Sloan. In her free time, she loves spending time with her two kids, breaking a sweat in boot camp class, and cooking with ingredients from San Francisco’s farmers markets.

Team EO: Hey Heidi! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. So, what’s a ritual that you regularly practice?

Heidi: I make time to exercise in the morning. It can be a variety of things—a quick run, a circuit training class from Daily Burn, or riding my bike/trainer using Zwift.

Team EO: How does that ritual enhance your life?

Heidi: Working out gives me more energy and focus through my day, and I need it with a fast-paced startup and 2 young kids. It also keeps me strong, fit and healthy.

Team EO: Tell us a little about what’s involved in your ritual.

Heidi: During the week I work out at home, since it is most time efficient. So, my alarm goes off, I roll out of bed and head downstairs.

Team EO: How often do you get to practice your ritual, and how do you prioritize it in our busy world?

Heidi: About 4 times a week. I work out in the morning because there is no one vying for my time between 6-7 AM and my kids are still asleep.

Team EO: That sounds like a relaxing time to take for yourself. Would you recommend it to others, and if so how would they go about integrating the essence of it into their lives?

Heidi: Of course! It is important to incorporate some type of exercise into your life. There are so many different options to find something that fits your preferences and schedule.

Get to Know Heidi:

Heidi Zak of ThirdLove & Kids

Heidi Zak finds time for her work, exercise, and family.

What’s your favorite EO product?

Everyone hand soap—it’s at every sink in my house!

What’s your favorite scent?

Lemon + Basil

What’s in your ears?

Sirius XM! My favorite stations are Coffee House, Pearl Jam and Hits 1.

What app do you love?

My favorite apps are Instacart and Instagram.