Inside Information: 3 Reasons to Love Bergamot

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Bergamot is best known for its tangy, citrusy top note found most commonly in Earl Grey tea. But, this gorgeous scent has many wonderful benefits in addition to flavoring one of the most ubiquitous teas in the world.

Bergamot is a hybrid of the sour orange and lemon trees, and its delicate fruit has a uniquely tangy scent. The Bergamot tree was originally found in Italy, although today it is grown in several different places around the world. The trees are not ready to produce fruit until they’re at least three years old. They reach maturity at 15 years, and will produce fruit consistently until they’re about 60 years old.

The essential oil of Bergamot is produced using expeller pressing, that’s where the peels of the fruit are subjected to high pressure which squeezes the essential oil from the peels.

Let’s take a closer look at the superpowers of this lovely citrus essential oil.


Stress Reduction

Several modern studies have explored the stress reducing benefits of inhaling Bergamot essential oil. They’ve repeatedly shown that breathing in some Bergamot reduces the effects of stress and anxiety, even in very stressful situations.

Stress Less Blendbergamot blog iii

8 drops Bergamot

3 drops Orange

2 drops Lavender


Use this blend in your diffuser, or mix with 2oz of carrier oil and use as a massage or bath oil. Breathe deeply and let the stress melt away.



Antimicrobial Power

Bergamot has been shown to be effective against the most common bacteria linked to food poisoning. In addition to bacteria, Bergamot has been shown to be effective against common fungus that affect our wellbeing such as Candida.

Bergamot Cleaning Spraybergamot blog ii

4oz Distilled Water

4oz Vinegar

30 drops Bergamot

15 drops Orange

10 drops Lavender

Shake before using, use this spray to keep your surfaces clean and smelling great. Discard after two months or if any signs of degradation occur.




Mood Boost: Laughter, Self Love, and Strength

Bergamot’s bright, effervescent scent is our reminder to be lighthearted. Bergamot can inspire moods of lightness, self love, and strength. Use this oil whenever you’re feeling down, doubting yourself, or a little overwhelmed.

Sweeten Your Mood

Keep a bottle of Bergamot handy and when one of those days hits put a few drops on a cotton ball. Keep the cotton ball near your workspace, car, or bed to help counteract sadness, self doubt, or stress. Take about four deep breaths (here’s some tips on how to breathe beautifully) and let the tension slip out of your body. You can express love and support for yourself as you breathe. For instance, you could repeat, “I am loved, I am strong, I am calm” while you breathe to support the calming effects of Bergamot.

Fun Facts:

  • The etemology of the name Bergamot is from Italian bergamotta, modification of Turkish bey armudu, literally, the bey’s pear (loosely translated as the prince’s pear)

  • A Bergamot tree can live for up to 100 years

  • Bergamot is a balancing note in perfumery and is commonly found in many famous scents

  • Bergamot is a hybrid of sour orange and lemon

  • Bergamot contains high levels of linalool, a compound found in Lavender which gives both these oils their ability to calm as well as their antibacterial power. This means that Bergamot, more than other citrus oils, can be used in cleaning solutions as well as used as a calming oil

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