Inside Information: 5 Uses for Vetiver Essential Oil

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Inside Information: 5 Uses for Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil has a warm, grassy scent that is calming and stimulating at once. The vetiver plant is a grass that can grow up to five feet tall. Its roots tend to grow downward in a single large clump which makes it easy to harvest and distill. The essential oil of Vetiver is steam distilled from the roots and leaves of the plant.

The essential oil of Vetiver has many modern uses, some that may surprise you. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and uses of this lovely oil.



Vetiver has an incredible fixative quality that makes it perfect for perfumery. In fact, Vetiver can be found in over 90% of modern perfumes. If you’re making a perfume from essential oils for yourself, consider including Vetiver to help the perfume stay on your body longer.





Natural Perfume

30 drops (about 1 bottle) everyone™ relax blend

2 oz Jojoba Oil

Mix the essential oil and base oil and store in a dark glass bottle (amber or cobalt are great). Apply to your touchpoints throughout the day for a relaxing, natural scent.



Improved Focus

One modern study showed that inhaling Vetiver essential oil helped the participants focus on the task at hand with higher success. Try diffusing an essential oil blend that includes Vetiver any time you want to improve alertness and attention.



Vetiver essential oil has been used in Ayurvedic and folk medicine to boost relaxation and help ease the symptoms of anxiety. Breathing in some Vetiver can help us relax and enjoy the world we live in. Try using the everyone™ relax blend when you need to calm down, it has several soothing essential oils including Vetiver.




Pest Control

Vetiver essential oil is being studied for its effectiveness against both ticks and termites. Using Vetiver essential oil in a spray around your home can brighten the scent of the room and may even help deter unwanted pests! Our EO® Organic Deodorant Spray is made with organic alcohol, water, and Vetiver essential oil. Try spraying a little of this deodorant spray anywhere you crave a little refreshment.



Mood Boost: Symbiotic Honor

Vetiver is our reminder that we are all symbiotically connected to each other and the world we live in. When we feel disconnected it is easy to forget how much a part of our world we really are. Vetiver restores our sense of belonging and the honor that comes from that. Vetiver is especially useful to counteract feelings of disconnect, isolation and shyness.


More Vetiver

We love Vetiver so much we use it in these products:

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