Inside Information: 6 Ways to Love Frankincense

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6 Reasons to Love Frankincense Essential Oil

The meditative scent of pure Frankincense is calming and stimulating at once. Its incredible scent is reminiscent of altars, as Frankincense has been used as incense in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years.

This incredible resin, obtained from the Boswellia carterii tree, has also been used to relieve symptoms in traditional medicine. Today, we take a closer look at the benefits of this beautiful essential oil.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Frankincense has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent for hundreds of years. Modern studies confirm what ancient wisdom prescribed, and today Frankincense is often prescribed for ailments related to inflammation like joint pain, headaches, and bowel disorders.

Mix 6-8 drops of Frankincense with a base oil and massage into the area that needs relief.

  1. Better Breathing

Diffusing Frankincense can harness its anti-inflammatory benefits for better breathing. Several modern studies showed Frankincense to be helpful to people with bronchial asthma.

Add a few drops of Frankincense to your favorite diffuser whenever you need to clear the air.

  1. Skin Care

Frankincense has been shown to reduce redness and give the skin a more smooth and soft appearance. Using facial care products with Frankincense essential oil can help support a more beautiful appearance. You can also make a simple facial treatment at home using Frankincense essential oil for softer, smoother looking skin.

Add 6-8 drops of Frankincense essential oil to a base oil (Jojoba is best) and apply to the skin of your face. Let it soak in overnight and enjoy softer, smoother looking skin.

  1. Memory

Frankincense was shown to improve memory in both healthy subjects and those suffering from a cognitive disorder. This wonderful oil can help us recall lost thoughts and hold onto the memories we want to keep.

Put a few drops of Frankincense on a cotton ball and keep it near your desk at work, school, or home to help your memory stay in top form.

  1. Cleaning

Frankincense essential oil is anti-microbial against both bacteria and some fungi. Add a few drops of Frankincense to your home cleaners to make them smell great and have a little more cleaning power!

Mix 12 drops of Frankincense with 1 oz of white wine vinegar and use to wipe surfaces clean.

  1. Meditation

Frankincense is our reminder to pause and appreciate the beauty within us as well as all around us. Diffuse a few drops of Frankincense while meditating on the natural beauty of the world and yourself.


Fun Facts About Frankincense:frankincense

In areas where Frankincense grows, the resin is often chewed like gum. It is believed to improve oral health as well as memory when chewed.

  • The name frankincense is from the French for “pure incense”
  • The Frankincense trees were said to be protected by dragons.
  • The burned resin was used as eyeliner by the ancient Egyptians.



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