Inside Information: Basic Sustainability

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On March 30, 2018 by Brad Black in INSIDE INFORMATION

There’s a lot to prove if you want to call yourself a sustainable manufacturer. The proof is just the tip of the iceberg.

The daily grind of training, decision making, quality control, applications, mountains of paperwork, audits. The actions are the huge ice rock lurking under the water.

Sustainability is a commitment of process and, when done right, it affects everyone in your company.

You’ll first need to know why you want to be sustainable and what you want to do.
Then you’ll need to collaborate with third parties and their own unique processes.
You’ll need to be transparent with your initiatives.
You’ll need to talk about it, a lot – Internally. Externally. Everywhere in between.
For all the talk, sustainability is not some marketing term to be tossed around lightly.
It means something.

To us, its meaning is simple. Sustainability distills down to the golden rule: Treat people and the planet how you want to be treated.

It’s less of a commitment to transactions than an obligation of service to others. We make products for ourselves, our friends, and our families. And we aspire to do less harm in the process.

Keep checking back, as I will be sharing more about how we put our commitment into action. Here’s a quick overview of some of our third-party partners and manufacturing standards.

It’s a big undertaking for a business today. Though at its heart, sustainability is a simple ideal.

Do right by the ones who mean the most. And stay the course through all the turbulence.