Inside Information: Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

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On September 20, 2017 by Team EO in INSIDE INFORMATION

The scent of Lemon essential oil is a uplifting and tangy reminder to be bright. We’re taking a closer look at this lovely essential oil; how it elevates our moods, helps skin and hair look their best, and how its bright scent makes even hand washing into a meaningful ritual.

The EO and Everyone Lemon essential oil is expeller pressed right here in the United States. Expeller pressing uses mechanical force to squeeze the essential oil from the peels of citrus fruits. Many essential oil farms use the peels that would otherwise be discarded in the juicing process, making citrus essential oils a part of the global sustainability solution.

Lemon essential oil is a favorite of our co-Founder, Susan Griffin-Black, who loves to drop a few drops onto her shower floor along with a drop or two of Rose essential oil for an awakening experience that is as gentle as it is bright.

Lemon essential oil is a brightening oil, both for our moods and our skin and hair. Diffuse Lemon essential oil in any space that could use some lightening, it’s a wonderful scent to use in the kitchen. We use Lemon essential oil in many of our EO products, especially those that are used for a deeper, more clarifying clean. Lemon is a star in our All Purpose Soap and Lemon & Eucalyptus Hand Soap and it plays a synergistic role in the scents of the Be Well Bath Collection and our Citrus Deodorant Spray.

It takes a quarter of a lemon to make a single drop of Lemon essential oil, which means a whopping hundred and fifty lemons to produce a single ounce of essential oil. Lemon essential oil is incredibly concentrated, and can cause sun sensitivity if misused, always dilute any essential oil (except Lavender) in a base oil before applying to your skin.

The Ritual

Lemon’s bright scent can transform even the most mundane tasks into meaningful rituals. One of our favorites is the thirty second meditation that we can practice each time we wash our hands.

  • Squeeze a drop or two of Lemon & Eucalyptus Hand Soap onto your hands and get them wet
  • As you massage your hands together, breathe in the bright and clarifying scents of the essential oils
  • Repeat a 30-second mantra as you continue to scrub your hands, our favorite at the moment is repeating this short version of the metta sutra twice:

   May we all be happy

   May we all be healthy

   May we all be safe

   May we all be at peace

   May we all be loved

  • Rinse your hands and enjoy a refreshed mood and clean, happy hands.