Inside Information: Purified Water

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On September 26, 2017 by Team Everyone in INSIDE INFORMATION

Inside Information: Purified Water


Do you know how your soap is made? Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into our manufacturing process. The integrity of our products really starts with the very first ingredient: purified water. We’re glad you’re curious about what makes our water different. Now let’s nerd out.


All of our products (with the exception of our essential oils, which are never diluted) start with purified water as their base. The quality of water used really sets the stage for the rest of the product, and contributes a very important distinction: the purer the water, the less preservatives need to be used.


We adopted a 6-stage water filtration system so that we have more oversight of our purification. Those six stages are:

  1. reverse osmosis

  2. physical filters
  3. carbon filter
  4. UV light
  5. de-ionization
  6. softening (goes through a salt bath)


Let’s back up a bit. When water comes in through our pipes, it contains elements that can interfere with the processes we have in place. For example, the electrolytes in tap water might make it safe to drink but will affect how the surfactants (cleansing ingredients in our products) hold their structure.


Water can also contain trace amount of chemicals, biological contaminates, and other impurities. Each stage of our system works to purify the water multiple times over. By using five different filtration and sterilizing systems, we’re able to ensure our purification is done thoroughly and done right. By adding a step to soften the water (this means removing calcium and magnesium), the backbone of our products’ recipe is as pure as it can be.


Getting rid of all the impurities serves two main purposes: 1) it helps your lotion stay a lotion and not a melting bottle of separated plant extracts. 2) it allows us to use the lowest levels of organic preservative systems.

Fun fact: the preservatives we do use (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate) are food safe!


We want our products to be your buddy for a long time. Unopened, our products stay fabulous for 3 years. Once opened, they last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. You can find out a particular product’s shelf life by the opened jar icon on the back of your bottle.


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