Inside Information: Why Our Ingredients Work

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On January 19, 2018 by Team EO in INSIDE INFORMATION

Inside Information: Why Our Ingredients Work

At EO, we put a lot of love and care into every product we make. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what makes our ingredients work.

We Make It

We make our products. EO is a manufacturer, which means we bottle our products right in the same place we do our sales, finance, marketing, and creative work. It’s an unusual move for a personal care company, most of the products you see on the shelf are formulated in one place and manufactured in another. This helps keep costs down, the manufacturers can make large batches and store them for the companies, which eliminates costs related to storage and equipment maintenance – not to mention the costs of maintaining a certified facility. EO is different. We own our own machines, we maintain our own facility – certified for Organic processing by the USDA and certified for OTC products by the FDA – and we even ship those same products out to our customers.

This choice has given us the ability to create products that are uniquely effective. We can see – in real time – how a new batch of plant extracts will work in a product. We can tweak a scent blend to accommodate the seasonal changes in our essential oils. And, most importantly, we can keep working on every formula to constantly make them better as our understanding of the landscape of available ingredients and the needs of our customers evolve.

For Our Families and Yours

We make the products we use, and so we choose the ingredients we would use on our own children and ourselves. Every ingredient is chosen for its safety for the people using the product, the people making the product, and the planet we all share.

This viewpoint on creating products that we want to use has led us to use ingredients that are more costly and rare and to use them in larger concentrations. We create our products to work, and that is how we judge them. When we make a product with Organic Coconut Oil, for instance, we make sure there’s enough in the product to make a difference to the user, not just to say we included a popular ingredient. This kind of integrity in our formulation means every EO and everyone product is made with intention, and love.

Percentages Matter

There’s a trend in the personal care industry that’s been going on for years, where an effective ingredient is advertised as being present in a product. But, in reality, the product only contains trace amounts of said ingredient. It’s an easy route to creating a more green-looking ingredient declaration and some of the ingredients are included at levels that are less than 1%—sometimes just 0.1, 0.2%. It’s a known ploy in the industry and it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

When we make a product and include an ingredient for its effectiveness, we make sure it’s at levels that are actually effective. Our EO Bubble Baths, for instance, have at least a 2% level of every single effective ingredient.

Love Made Visible

The secret ingredient in every EO and everyone product is love. Ok, it’s not really a secret at all. When you hold a product that we’ve made, you’re the last in a chain of people who have lovingly created, formulated, bottled, inspected, tested, packed, shipped, designed, and loved the bottle or pack you’re holding. Our co-CEO, Susan Griffin-Black is fond of saying that our work is our love made visible, and we take that to heart every day at our company.