Introducing Beloved Rose Aromatherapy Perfume


Introducing Beloved Rose, A Love Letter to Your Senses

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Beloved Rose, an aromatherapy perfume that is a tribute to love’s timeless fragrance.


The Inspiration Behind Beloved Rose

After a thirty-year love affair with essential oils, our co-founder Susan Griffin-Black sought to create a perfume that would evoke the simple pleasure of human connection and the essence of an embrace. A true passion project, Beloved Rose is a celebration of Susan’s expertise with essential oils and serves as her love letter to the world.

Susan curated her favorite essential oils for Beloved Rose; carefully selecting each oil for its rich scent profiles, their long traditional use in perfumery, and for their undeniable effect on the senses. She chose five precious oils – Damascus Rose, Sandalwood, Himalayan Cedarwood, Rose Gallica, and Geranium.

Each of these notes is worthy of its own single-note perfume, and when blended together they create a unique harmony.


How Aromatherapy Perfumes Work

Let’s start with a few important terms in perfumery before we go into depth about the individual notes of this natural essential oil perfume.


In the world of aromatherapy, there is a concept called synergy. A synergy of essential oils means either the scent or the effect (or better yet, both) become more powerful together than the sum of its individual ingredients.

For example, the scent of Damascus Rose alone is a sweet, floral, full-bodied smell. Sandalwood has a warm, woody, slightly-salty note on its own. Now, when you blend Rose and Sandalwood in just the right amounts, the resulting synergy has a scent that cannot be achieved by either note alone. The blended scent becomes something completely unique and new, one that is both floral and woody with additional undertones of passionfruit and smoke.


In perfumery, we describe the way a scent evolves and changes on the skin in terms of notes. If you’ve ever noticed a perfume has a different smell when you first apply it than it does a few hours later, you’ve experienced these notes.

Generally speaking, every perfume will have three stages of scent that start from the first application:

– The first smells to reach your senses are called the top notes. Top notes tend to be light scents and will usually be our first impression of a scent.

– The next stage of a perfume is the middle or heart notes. These are the most noticeable scents in a perfume, and tend to define the overall perfume.

– The last note to hit the senses is the base note. Base notes tend to be long lasting; they will be the lingering scent you notice when the perfume has worn off.


The Essential Oils of Beloved Rose

Damascus Rose
One of the world’s most precious essential oils, Rosa Damascena essential oil is prized for its luxurious scent and its ability to impart a balanced and loving mood. Rosa Damascena has a warm, floral, full-bodied scent with a light citrus overtone. Sourced from Turkey.

Sandalwood essential oil is the base note in Beloved Rose, and its salty, woody scent will put you in a meditative mood while it gently scents your skin. Sandalwood has a strong, rich scent with undertones of moss.

A note on sourcing: We waited 15 years for our partners in Australia to source their first crop of sustainably-grown Sandalwood. EO is dedicated to sourcing planet-friendly essential oils, and this is one example.

Himalayan Cedarwood
Himalayan Cedarwood is the grounding note in Beloved Rose, part heart note as it blends with Rose and part base note as it mellows into the Sandalwood that lingers on the skin. Cedarwood will uplift your senses as it gently soothes your mood. Himalayan Cedarwood has a sharp, woody scent with hints of pepper and grass. Sourced from India.

Gallic Rose
Like Damascus Rose, Rosa Gallica (or Gallic Rose) is a rare and sensuous note. Its scent is slightly more floral with a faint fruit note. Gallic Rose balances and harmonizes the senses while inviting a feeling of warmth. Rosa Gallica has a floral, bright scent with undertones of stone fruits and overtones of lemon. Sourced from Austria.

Geranium is a bright and floral note that brings a hint of grass to the blend while boosting the warming floral notes. Rose Geranium stimulates the senses and invites a feeling of kindness for self and others. Rose Geranium has an herbal and grassy scent with hints of spice. Sourced from Egypt.


Integrating Beloved Rose into your Daily Ritual of Self Care

This perfume is made with pure and natural ingredients that can be used as often as you desire. Whether you’re spritzing some Beloved Rose Perfume Spray or softly rolling on the Beloved Rose Perfume Oil, your world can be infused with the scents of blooming Roses and exotic woods.

Each bottle of Beloved Rose includes a ready-to-gift sample to share with someone you love. By passing Beloved Rose on, you are extending the invitation to open your heart and embrace the interconnected world around us.


Shop the Collection

Beloved Rose is made in small batches and exclusively available online. Explore the collection.


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