Meet Our Makers Series: Casey

On January 24, 2017 by Brad Black in MEET EVERYONE

Meet Our Makers: Casey, Customer Support Specialist and First Personality

Casey is our Customer Support Specialist—the one answering our phones, responding to emails, fielding orders, putting out fires. He often spends his days absorbing compliments, troubleshooting, and answering difficult questions. Yet, Casey always ends his day with the same smile he started with. I sat down with Casey to discuss his role on the front lines, his infectious positivity, and what inspires him. This is our chat.


Brad: You’re at the point of the spear. You’re the first person in line. Someone calls up and they get you on the phone, the lean-mean-fightin’ machine.

Casey: That’s right. The one-two punch.

Brad: Tell us about that a little bit.

Casey: When I first started, it was nerve-wracking, being that point of the spear, thinking that the representation of your company was my voice and how I react with our customers. I thought it was going to be a challenge, but throughout a few weeks of learning about the culture here, I realized that I can be myself. Personality is respected and cherished here. We’re not automated machines, we actually have someone answering the phone to handle calls and product inquiries. There is value placed on me being myself and that made so much of the stress go away. Now it’s really fun being the tip of the spear.

Brad: I get really great and positive feedback about peoples’ interaction with you – and I love having you up front. You do represent us and I’m glad you feel comfortable being yourself. I think that flowers tend to bloom more brilliantly when they have that permission and support to be themselves. So, tell us about a couple of the calls, what are some of the memorable ones?

Casey: I’ve made a relationship with one gentleman who lives in Taos, New Mexico. He’s up in the mountains with no internet, so he had to call in. He wanted to receive catalogs for our products because he identified with our mission statement, our product ingredients, and the purity and transparency of our company. Our brands really resonated with him and his lifestyle. We got into the better end of an hour long conversation

Brad: How’d he find out about us?

Casey: It was either his daughter or an ex-girlfriend. He was so intrigued to learn more about us. That was a really memorable talk. It’s people who really engage with me and our products beyond pricing and shipping. I love talking to people who want to know more about why we do what we do and who we are. So, those are the conversations that go the extra fifteen, twenty, sixty minutes.

Brad: So, are there any things you think we could be doing better?

Casey: We haven’t had the time to sit down and think about evolving customer experience. My role sees all the departments within the company and I need to cater to everyone, which is fantastic, but I think that limits the attention that could be dedicated to improving our customers’ experience with our brands and products.

Brad: I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve that experience. You have a very special skill and hearing your constructive criticism is a great way to improve, so…

Casey: I would love to. I’ll think about what that could look like. Right now I’m drawing blanks, but I’ve got fun socks.

Brad: Oh yeah, look at those! So, tell us a little about your road to EO.

Casey: I grew up in Carmel Valley, just about two hours south in the Monterey Bay Peninsula, from about the age of eight. I tried community college in Monterey for a year. I ran track, but never tried very hard in school. All I wanted to do was run and do hurdles and I really excelled there, but I put my education on hold.

Brad: What a bummer.

Casey: It really was a bummer. I tried school again in San Francisco and fell in love with geology and parks and recreation. I worked on Alcatraz Island for two years and wanted to be a park ranger out there. I realized that it’s really hard to become a park ranger. It can take upwards of twenty to thirty years to get established today. You have to go through rigorous courses and then volunteer for no pay for many, many years before getting your foot into an accelerated program of docent to tour guide to park ranger. So, that discouraged me and I stopped my education again. Then I went to school for massage therapy after a year of doing nothing. So, now I’m a part time massage therapist.

So, that’s my deal now. I’ve been in San Rafael for about four years and I really like it here. I was blown away that your company is here. I had skated in this parking lot for a year and a half before it got bulldozed. I had no idea there was a manufacturer here.

Brad: I know you have a lot of favorite products, but what are some products you really enjoy using?

Casey: I’m gonna be honest: Ageless. Ageless Skin Care. The Face Moisturizer and the Coconut Cleansing Milk. I use those religiously.

Brad: Yeah, they’re beautiful products.

Casey: Other than that, the All Purpose Soap.

Brad: Well, thank you. It’s been so enjoyable working with you and I’m happy that you’re here.

Casey: Thank you so much. It’s really nice to hear that. I’m not the newest, but being in that front-facing role, being a part of all the departments, I feel like I gotta do it right. It’s nice that it’s showing that I’m doing ok.

Brad: More than ok. Thank you, man.


Canned Questions

First job: I was a barista in the Carmel Bakery. Those were the days. Scooping ice cream, serving pastries, making Starbucks knockoff coffee.

Favorite beverage: I love a Dark and Stormy. Or green juice. Before here, I worked at Urban Remedy. It’s all local and I get a good discount there, so I go there instead of juicing at home.

Childhood: I was born in Sonora and grew up climbing trees, catching lizards, and backyard wrestling. Then I moved to Carmel Valley in the Monterey Bay Peninsula, where backyard wrestling wasn’t really a thing.

Music: Throughout mankind, music has been the universal language. It has been used for healing, through any kind of hard time, I feel that music has been the congregator, it brings communities together. My fiancée is going through a sound healing course, so music is her calling in this life. Sound and orchestra. Her singing is really powerful. It was one of the first reasons I fell in love with her. I listen to a lot of femme rock, like female vocalists in a heavier rock aesthetic.

Days Off: A good deal of cat time. I have two girls and they’re sweet angels. I’ll get out of bed and go spend time in Fairfax, drinking coffee, going on the trails in Deer Park and once a month I’m skateboarding. It’s not every day like it used to be. A lot of solitary time. A lot of reflection.


  • Juliette Fressinier

    Love this! Casey is the real deal – a true blue, if you will 👏

  • elaine sloss

    Casey is the greatest spokesperson for your Fabulous line of products!
    Loved reading his Q&A profile.