Meet Our Makers Series: Paul

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Meet Our Makers Series: Paul, Shipping and Receiving Manager and Logistics Wizard


Paul is our Shipping and Receiving Manager – the man in charge of supplies and products coming inbound, going outbound, and moving across campus in between. Paul has seen a lot of change in his 7 years with EO Products. I sat down with him to discuss the nuts and bolts of running his department and what he does to stay grounded in the chaos. This is our chat.


Brad: Hi Paul.

Paul: Hi Brad.

Brad: So, we’ve got this thing here we call an interview. We’ve talked to different people who make things tick and move here. It was time we got the big guy in here. The breadth of what you do amazes me, and how long you’ve been doing it all. It’s more than just shipping, logistics, material handling, priority, and warehouse. What did I miss?

Paul: Well, I also have my hands in production schedule and supply chain, sales, customer service, finance, IT, and all the things in between. In a nutshell, I manage all the inbound and outbound for EO Products. That encompasses three warehouses now. I also manage all the truck schedules and two supervisors.

Brad: How many inbound and outbound trucks did we see last week?

Paul: We average about 250 outbound trucks per week. We’re between 150-175 inbound trucks per week.

Brad: So, from a volume standpoint…

Paul: Last month we shipped out about 80,000 cases of product. A good portion of our inbound deliveries are empty bottles. We have to work that out with the supply chain and spread things out so we don’t get hit with too much in one day.

Brad: How many fork lifts do we have?

Paul: Five.

Brad: And lots of pallet jacks.

Paul: Oh yeah. Right now, we’re at five electric pallet jacks and ten manual jacks.

Brad: What about pallet wrap machines?

Paul: We have three. On top of all that, I have to shuttle product over to our small packaging warehouse, averaging five truck loads a day.

Brad: How many people are in your department?

Paul: I think we’re up to 17 now, including our temp help. We cross over a lot.

Brad: There’s a tremendous amount of pressure that you deal with and you handle it with kindness. At the end of the day, you’re a really great guy.

Paul: That’s all part of the job. I have lots of great people that help me through it. I couldn’t do it without them. And, I distract myself from the pressure. I count my steps with my Fitbit.

Brad: How many steps are you up to a day?

Paul: It depends on the day. A typical Monday, like today, I get up to 20,000 steps.

Brad: You’ve taken a lot of steps in your seven years here. You’ve seen quite a bit of change, too.

Paul: Sure. When I started, we were over in Corte Madera.

Brad: How many shipments were we making and receiving when you started?

Paul: Minimal. I did go back and look at our records. I think we averaged 90 or 100 shipments on a good month.

Brad: And now what’s a good month?

Paul: Over a thousand, outbound.

Brad: Ten times in seven years. That’s kicking some ass.

Paul: When I started, we didn’t have the Everyone brand, we only made EO. Back then, Amazon was at one order a week, one tiny little pallet. This week we shipped Amazon 23 pallets.

Brad: So, on a given day, how many pallets or bottles do you and your crew actually move?

Paul: Well, if production is running Line 1 at full tilt, with all the 32 oz. Everyone products, we probably do about 10,000 bottles in a day.

Brad: That’s just incredible. How do you keep all these things straight in your head?

Paul: It’s not easy. It helps when I write things down. I have a daily to-do checklist. Obviously, there are a lot of curveballs, so sometimes those lists carry over into multiple days. Generally, it’s like a mnemonic device for me, if I write things down.

Brad: So, what’s the next year going to bring you?

Paul: I’ve seen the projections, a lot more work. Hopefully more time off, too.

Brad: Well, thank you Paul. We couldn’t do it without you. We wouldn’t want to do it without you.

Paul: Oh, sure you could. Thank you for the opportunities over the years. It’s been quite a ride.


Canned Questions

Favorite beverage: Anderson Valley Brewing Company Boont Amber Ale

Favorite EO or Everyone product: Everyone Cedar + Citrus Lotion

First job: Right out of high school, I parked cars at a country club. Coolest car I ever parked was a Rolls Royce.

Days off: Catch up on sleep and I definitely like to go for a run. Relaxing with a nice book.

Favorite music: It runs from Mozart to Metallica, and everything in between. I’ll tell you this, I’ve seen Springsteen 23 times.

Childhood: I grew up back east, I spent my formative years in Philadelphia. I lived in Chicago for a number of years, but I like it out here. Better weather.