Natural vs. Organic Deodorant – The Difference

On April 16, 2018 by Team EO in INSIDE INFORMATION

Natural vs. Organic Deodorant – What’s The Difference?

There’s a lot of buzz out there in the body care world about natural and organic products. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what makes a product natural vs. organic and what the benefits are for you and your family.

What’s The Difference Between Natural And Organic?

The word natural has no official definition for body care and the FDA (the body responsible for defining these kinds of terms) has not established a natural definition as of yet. This means that the definition of natural varies greatly from product to product. Just because a product is called natural doesn’t mean it’s free from unwanted toxins, nor does it mean it’s organic.

At EO, we consider our deodorants natural because they’re made with ingredients that have little or no processing, and are close to the original plant matter. Our deodorants are made with Organic Denatured Alcohol*, Essential Oils, and Water.

Organic products have several oversight organizations that closely check the ingredients in a product and certify whether or not they can be called organic. We partner with California Certified Organic Farmers to meet the USDA organic standard to assure that the products we call organic are organic. EO Deodorant Sprays and Wipes are both natural and organic, and carry the benefits of both natural and organic products. Read on for the benefits of natural deodorant.

Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

Natural and organic deodorants are made with fewer ingredients and are simpler for our bodies and our planet to absorb than many mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants that can contain questionable ingredients such as mercury salts, propylene glycol, phthalates, and aluminum salts. Switching to a natural deodorant can help eliminate potentially harmful ingredients from your self care ritual.

Our toxic load in today’s world is often overwhelming; synthetic scents and the hidden toxins they can contain are in nearly everything we touch or come into contact with today. On every venture into public we are bombarded with the perfumes and colognes of the people around us, the scented products in every storefront, and the various emissions from the millions of vehicles and engines in our everyday life. Reducing this load, especially in the products we put directly on our bodies, is a healthy way to improve our overall enjoyment. Using a deodorant that is made with body-friendly ingredients and scented with pure essential oils can help start every day off well.

Essential oils can naturally scent our body care products with a mood boosting smell straight from the plants themselves. Whether you prefer the soothing and relaxing scent of pure Lavender or the refreshing and stimulating scent of Tea Tree, pure essential oils can refresh your body and mind with every breath. Choosing a deodorant scented with pure essential oils can not only eliminate synthetic scents and the hidden ingredients within them, it can add the mood-boosting scents of pure essential oils to your daily ritual of self care.

Best Natural Deodorant For Women

Recent research into how and why we sweat has led to some interesting findings about how women’s and men’s sweat differs. While body type tends to determine how much a person will sweat, the different hormones and mitochondria in men and women do make their sweat smell differently. A Swedish study found that while women and men both secrete the two main types of sweat chemicals, women tend to have more of the one that smells onion-y and men tend to have more of the one that smells like stinky cheese. This means that both men and women can benefit from using a natural deodorant like EO deodorant sprays and wipes because both will help eliminate odor. However, as far as scent goes women may benefit from using a Citrus or Lavender scent, as those scents tend to mask an onion-like scent better than other essential oils.

Best Natural Deodorant For Men

Men tend to have larger bodies, which means they tend to sweat more. New findings in the world of perspiration research have shown that people with larger bodies tend to regulate body temperature by sweating more than those with smaller bodies. This means that men have to combat the issue of wetness more often, which means they would benefit from a natural deodorant wipe in addition to a natural deodorant spray. The deodorant wipes help with odor control throughout the day. Men’s body odor has been shown to smell more like stinky cheese than women’s, which means they would benefit from using a deodorant scented with Tea Tree or Vetiver essential oils which can help mask those particular odors better.

Best Natural Deodorants For Kids

When kids start to turn into young adults, their bodies change. One of those changes can be new body odor, which naturally leads to kids wanting deodorants. Choosing a natural deodorant is a great choice for kids because they are made with ingredients that are better for their young bodies than the mercury and aluminum salts or phthalates found in mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorant wipes can add an additional layer of confidence to a young person’s new self care rituals.

Naturally Good For Women, Men, Kids, and the Planet!

Natural deodorants are not only the best choice for refreshing odor control for women, men, and kids, they’re also better for the planet we all share. Natural ingredients mean less pre-consumer processing which means less potentially dangerous by-products entering the waste-stream.

Check out our selection of natural deodorants:

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Ready to Make the Switch?

Check out our Deodorant Detox challenge for more on how to make the switch to natural deodorant!

*A note on denatured alcohol: our ethanol is derived directly from Sugar Cane, and we consider it a natural alcohol. Due to incidents of people accidentally ingesting ethanol, the US Government requires it to be denatured. This process adds a very small amount of synthetic denaturant that makes the ethanol taste terrible to avoid accidental ingestion. Using denatured ethanol is a legal requirement that we must follow.

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