Winter Skin

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On October 28, 2010 in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

Well winter is here, and no matter what your skin type, or where you live, you probably have to do something special for your skin to keep it looking and feeling it’s best. [...]

Full Of Tangles!

On October 22, 2010 in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

on’t worry, get the bottle of EO French Lavender Detangler and spray little on that lump of tangles. Not only will it soften and relax the tangles, it brings the calming fragrance of lavender essential oils. This is sure to take the edge off of an unruly situation. [...]

Life is Hectic…Deep Condition

On October 21, 2010 in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

Treating your hair once, twice, three times a week can not only leave your hair feeling better, it is a way to make you feel better. Creating a routine that involves deep conditioning and pre-treating your hair is time for yourself as well. Life is hectic…deep condition. [...]

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