EO SHOWER GELS! Citrus Fusion

On June 26, 2010 by Team EO in RETURN TO THE ESSENTIALS

There is nothing more decadent than sleeping in on a weekend except for a late morning shower with EO Citrus Fusion Shower Gel.

A luxury with serious benefit, our Citrus Fusion isn’t just about getting clean. EO has
developed five unique Shower Gels that target specific skin needs. Our Citrus Fusion is not only fragrant it was formulated to meet the needs of skin with oxidative and sun damage. As we live in an oxygen rich environment with plenty of sunshine, especially today, that would pretty much include all of us.

EO Citrus Fusion Shower Gel gently cleanses with pure essential oils & organic herbal blends to soothe & nourish the skin.

Citrus Fusion contains a botanical Exfoliation Complex that harnesses key fruit and flower Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to gently remove dull damaged skin revealing the radiance beneath.  AHAs from Grapefruit and Pineapple are known to fight free radical damage and reduce age spots and fine lines, leaving skin soft and supple. Pineapple enzymes smooth the surface by dissolving dead cells form the skin surface while  Lycopene in Grapefruit helps protect against UV damage. Hibiscus which has a high mucilage content actually softens skin leaving it baby soft.

Our richly foaming Coconut Oil Cleansing Complex gently cleanses without drying. Glycerin, Allantoin, and Panthenol work together as natural humectants and moisturizers to hydrate and nurture skin. Organic Tangerine, Orange, Mandarin, Orange Blossom (Neroli) and Lemon combine with Organic Vanilla to create the heart of this healing and exfoliating  Fusion Blend. For the softest skin possible we recommend you try Citrus Fusion.