Inside Information: Why We Make Deodorant

On April 9, 2018 by Brad Black in INSIDE INFORMATION

Why We Make Deodorant
by Brad Black


Over ten years ago, articles were making the rounds linking deodorants and antiperspirants to breast cancer.
The hype was everywhere and it hit close to home for us at EO.

As we learned more about the category of deodorant, we grew repulsed by the ingredients being poured into these products – my friends and family included.

It became clear that we could do better.
We tasked ourselves with creating a healthier alternative to the mainstream options.
We set out to make the best natural deodorant.

The product creation went like this:
In order to be effective against the bacteria (the cause of body odor), we needed to use alcohol as the active ingredient to neutralize it.
We were very familiar with organic sugar cane ethanol because we used it to make our hand sanitizers.
So, designing a formula that would translate to organic deodorant came naturally to us.
We blended in essential oils – refreshing scent combinations like tea tree with rosemary and cedar, lavender, and vetiver.

The initial consumer response was:
Sometimes natural deodorant does take a little convincing.
We often hear,
1. ‘Is a spray deodorant really effective?’
2. ‘Is natural deodorant strong enough for men?’
3. ‘Why are antiperspirants so bad for me?’

Take it from an active guy who grew up using these mainstream options.

1. Yes, plant-based deodorant spray really works.
2. Yes, they’re strong enough for men. (Our odor protection needs aren’t all that different from women’s. Deodorant doesn’t have to be this complicated, gender specific thing.) If you ask me, our Tea Tree spray and wipes are the best natural deodorants for men.
3. Once you become savvy to the cheaper ingredients in over-formulated antiperspirants, you can realize you deserve better than that junk.

Quick sidebar about all that junk:
There’s something to keep in mind if you’re pivoting away from conventional deodorant and antiperspirants.
Like many detox programs, it can take your body up to a month to catch up with your switch.
Why? Those junky ingredients can build up in your system. Once you stop using your old products, be mindful that it takes time for your body to release the toxins.
A cleaner system is one of the most important organic deodorant benefits.
We’ve put together a deodorant detox program to help you along.

It was our intention to make a simple, plant-based, and convenient product that works.
We chose sprays because they’re easy to use and have a simple formula, no excessive ingredients.
We developed travel deodorant wipes because they’re portable and come in handy on-the-go.
We’re developing deodorant cream with baking soda and cassava root for people who prefer the more traditional stick-type delivery system.
In the interest of being the better, healthier choice; we will continue to innovate.

It’s always been our hope that our products help you trickle in to greater wellbeing.
At least, that’s how it happened for me.
Not huge, life changing pendulum swings.
Rather little steps and decisions to choose the natural product, the healthier meal, the mind-clearing hike after work instead of the whiskey.

I understand my body more, as I age.
Life gets easier when things are simplified for the sake of efficiency and wellbeing.
Even little things like deodorant.